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Homeopathy considers all facets of what makes us human, not just physical symptoms. Mental and emotional and spiritual expressions are equally important when understanding you and your story and play a vital role in guiding a homeopath to a prescribing  suitable remedies.

We cannot separate our physical body from the rest of us - we are a whole and this is what Homeopathy treats -THE WHOLE BEING.

I have seen clients benefit from homeopathy in areas that were different to their initial complaints. For example, clients often report an increase in energy levels, improved sleep, clarity of thought and a renewed purpose to life.



Homeopathy is for everyone - from newborns to the elderly and everyone in-between. Since there are no side effects there is no need to be concerned or worry about using it safely during pregnancy, with your newborn, whilst breastfeeding, for your children or for the very frail.

It is also used effectively alongside conventional treatment, sometimes as a complimentary modality, to manage the side effects from medication or as a means to reduce medication. Often clients have turned to homeopathy as they wish to pursue a more natural means of looking after their health and wellbeing.


I first found homeopathy in 2008 when I was looking for a gentle way to treat my daughter's eczema. I had no knowledge of Homeopathy, but I had always been interested in a holistic and natural approach to my health and of course, that approach extended to my family too.  

My daughter had been battling with eczema since she was 2 months and having gone down the conventional route, I reached a point where I felt fed up with the lack of progress. Steroid creams had helped to calm the inflammation and her itch, but not cured her skin and I knew that the steroids were toxic and not a long term solution. 


The universe presented a solution and homeopathy found it's way to me. From the start it resonated with my view of health and most important it felt right. We had nothing to lose by trying a gentle form of medicine that carries no side effects. A few months down the road after a series of consultations and remedies, my daughter's eczema resolved. To my surprise, homeopathy did not suppress or mask her skin symptoms; it completely resolved them by addressing the root cause. Years later, she has still not had a reoccurrence of eczema.

I subsequently continued using Homeopathy for her, to resolve many other common childhood complaints and each time I was amazed at the fantastic results I witnessed. I started using Homeopathy too and the rest is history...... I had found something so valuable and I have never looked back. It has significantly changed my life. 

I love my job and feel so privileged that I can help others improve and resolve not only their health issues but also mental and emotional traumas and stresses. It is truly a gift and I am forever grateful to have found homeopathy.

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