I was born in beautiful South Africa where I grew up. Both my parents were born in Greece and I understand and speak a little Greek. For the last 25 years I have been living in the UK and was fortunate to spend 13 years teaching at a wonderful school.  I now live in Salisbury with my rugby loving husband, dance crazy gorgeous daughter and our cute dog. 


I found Homeopathy 11 years ago and from the beginning I was amazed and intrigued with this wonderful medicine. Witnessing my daughter's eczema disappear and her quick recovery from various childhood ailments to experiencing first hand my improved health, I was more than curious to learn more. The more I discovered and learnt the more I wanted to know and so my journey of serious study began. Today, I am a qualified, professional homeopath passionate about helping others achieve their health potential. 


Life often brings challenges which can effect our mental and emotional health and before we know it, we are experiencing unwanted physical symptoms. This is not surprising if we understand the mind body connection and that symptoms are our body's way of letting us know all is not well.  If we ignore the little niggles our body will eventually start 'shouting' in an attempt to be heard.





I love that I am able to help and support others in a natural and gentle manner to restore a 'balance'. It is a privilege to be in this position where I can empower others to take greater responsibility for their health and wellbeing and as such, inspire them on their journey to wellness.

I also love working with children who are a make up a big proportion of my clientele.  My teaching experience of 15 years in both primary and secondary schools has afforded me a deeper insight into how children might perceive the world. This enables me to connect with and understand 'little people' better which feeds naturally into being a more compassionate homeopath.

Health and emotional issues in children are often a manifestation of a wider picture of what is going on in their world and homeopathy works beautifully to support and help children to overcome any issues without the need for harsh interventions. 

I am a registered with the Society of Homeopaths and I practice in a professional and ethical manner.