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I work from my Salisbury home in a comfortable and strictly confidential setting. I pride myself in offering a safe and compassionate space for you to be heard and to discuss all areas you would like help with, be it for yourself or your children. My aim initially is to get to know you and build up an understanding of who you are, what is troubling you and how it expresses (your symptoms). 

Children who are accompanied by a parent or guardian are encouraged to talk and contribute as much as possible, but equally might not want to and this is perfectly fine too. Children are also not expected to sit quietly for the duration of their consultation and are welcome to play with toys offered or bring something which they enjoy doing (no noisy toys please).


I will listen to what you or your child says, observe (particularly children) and write notes to help me remember all the details which are relevant. Details are important for my understanding and to enable me to narrow down remedy selection and find the most appropriate one out of potentially 4000 plus remedies.


I do ask questions that enable me to get to know you or your child and to further understand symptoms expressed. For example, "What makes your symptoms better or worse"? and "Is there a time of day when your symptoms are better/worse"?

I will also ask about your likes and dislikes, what inspires you, your dreams, your lifestyle including diet (after all we are also a product of what we eat) and your past medical history. Medical history and familial traits are very relevant to my understanding of your health. We all come into this world having inherited traits and often these turn out to be our strengths or potential weaknesses.  


Another reason to love Homeopathy.....

I spend time to understand you as a unique individual. We all express symptoms in a unique manner and I am interested in your experience, as this differs from person to person. For example, the experience of a headache is different in the type of pain, location, time of day, what makes it better or worse etc. I consider all the information I learn about you which enables me to select the most appropriate homeopathic remedy that most matches your unique ‘picture’.

Your initial consultation is longer, sometimes up to two hours to give you the time to tell your story and for me to get to know you. For children this shorter, usually (75mins) but can be up to and hour and a half if needed. 

Sometimes I prescribe a homeopathic remedy at the end of your consultation. Mostly, however, I take time to research and work on your notes before prescribing and this can take up to a week. If you live locally remedies can be collected from my home, otherwise I will post your remedies and ask a small fee to cover postage and packaging. 

If you have any questions or if you would like to book a consultation please do not hesitate to call or email me.

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