Initial Visit:  £95  (1.5-2hrs)

Follow up:   £50  (1 hrs)

CHILDREN  (Under 16 years)

Initial Visit:  £80   (1-1.5hrs)

  Follow up:  £45  (50 mins)

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The initial consultation can take up to 2 hours for adults and 1.5 hours for children. Any additional information will be requested via email.

This provides the time for you to discuss whatever is troubling you and to fully explore all areas of your health. It also allows me to get to know you a little.

The number of consultations needed is very dependant on each individual and the complexity of the problem/s. Sometimes a complaint will resolve quite quickly, but complex or longstanding issues usually require more time to resolve. I recommend a minimum of three consultations with a gap of approximately 3-4 weeks between consultations. This allows for the remedies to work and gives your body the time it needs to heal. 

As progress is made this gap between consultations increases to roughly three months apart if still needed. 

(For more information about consultations see "What to expect from a consultation".)

Fees include:

  • Work completed after each consultation

  • One 10 support/acute call between consultations ion needed including 3 follow up texts.

  • Most remedies  (excluding postage and packaging).

  • PLEASE NOTE:  An additional charge for remedy quantities 2g and over, tissue salts, creams/ointments, tinctures and Bach Flower remedies will be added to the invoice.


As explained above, I offer support to all existing clients between appointments. This includes one 10 minute call and 3 follow up texts.


If more advice or support for an acute is needed the cost is £25 for a 20 minute call including 3 follow up texts.

There will be a one off charge of £8.50 for acute remedies including packaging and postage.


This is open to anyone wanting a one off consultation for an acute illness.

The consultation fee of £35.00 includes a 20 minute phone call, three follow up texts, remedies and postage. 

(Anyone who has home kit and does not require remedies, the consultation

fee is £25.00)

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I also offer consultations and homeopathic remedies for :

Pre and post surgery 

Pregnancy ailments


Please enquire by email or call me to discuss.


Cancellations or missed appointments: 

Please give 24 hours cancellation notice.  Late cancellations or missed appointments will be charged at the full rate.

Payment is currently made by cash or bank transfer.