The initial consultation can take up to 2 hours. It provides the time for you to discuss whatever is troubling you and to fully explore all areas of your health. It also enables me to get to know you. For more information see what to expect from a consultation.

For children (16 years and below) the first consultation is up to 1.5 hours and any additional information will be requested via email.

Prices are inclusive of homeopathic remedies. Items such as tissue salts, creams/ointments or tinctures will be charged separately according to their cost.

ADULT:  £ 85 (1.5-2hrs)

CHILD:  £ 65 (1-1.5hrs)



The number of consultations required is very dependant on each individual. Sometimes a complaint will resolve quite quickly, but if it is complex or longstanding issue the likelihood is that more time will be needed.

The gap between consultations also varies and to begin, consulations are usually 4-6 weeks, but as progress is made the gap increases.



ADULT: £45 (1 hour)

CHILD: £40 (45 mins-1 hr)


I offer support to all existing clients between appointments. Should you need advice or experience any marked symptoms while taking remedies, do get in touch to discuss any concerns.


For example pre/post surgery, pregnancy/labour etc. Please enquire by email or call me to discuss.
Fees inclusive of remedies:  £35.00


Cancellations or missed appointments: 

Please give 24 hours cancellation notice.  Late cancellations or missed appointments will be charged at the full rate.

Payment is currently made by cash or bank transfer.

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